2 beds with embroidered blue headboard and view of ocean

Barbados Beachfront Accommodations

Designed For Discerning Travellers

Seeking inspiration from the captivating world around us—one that teems with mystery, intrigue and allure—and elevating each experience with a distinct sense of personality, our three unique collections with The Linen Company exceptional amenities, present Barbados through a new lens.

Discover our Luxury Junior Suites

Our new adult-only Luxury Junior Suites embody the cool Caribbean. Located next to the resort’s sprawling adults-only river pool, the suites have fresh vibrant décor fusing muted tones with pops of colour and white and marble bathrooms.

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Discover our Luxury One & Two Bedroom Suites

These Suites are thoughtfully designed and provide a spacious living and dining area for entertaining and relaxing.

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Discover Our Luxury Concierge One & Two Bedroom Suites

Our Luxury Concierge One & Two Bedroom Suites features recently renovated spacious accommodation, featuring mood-enhancing lighting luxurious furnishings, and highly personalized service to ensure you focus on what truly matters—time with each other.

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Deluxe Club Room

Guided by the refreshing qualities of the tropics, our Deluxe Club Room offers comfortable surroundings in a private Caribbean retreat far from every worry.

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