2 beds with embroidered blue headboard and view of ocean

Barbados Beachfront Accommodations

Designed For Discerning Travellers

Seeking inspiration from the captivating world around us—one that teems with mystery, intrigue and allure—and elevating each experience with a distinct sense of personality, our three unique collections present Barbados through a new lens.

Luxury Collection


Infinitely elegant and effortlessly stylish, our new adult-only Luxury Collection is the pinnacle of modern Caribbean living with its vibrant ambiance, breathtaking views and sprawling river pool.

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Concierge Collection


Defined by its spacious layouts and contemporary touches, our Concierge Collection features an inviting atmosphere throughout its one- and two-bedroom Barbados beachfront accommodations.

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Club Rooms


Guided by the refreshing qualities of the tropics, our Club Rooms offer all the comfort you could imagine in a private Caribbean retreat far from every worry.

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