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O2 Beach Club & Spa

Striving for Sustainability

At O2 Beach Club & Spa, our team members, management and even our guests are deeply committed to sustainability, and to the conservation of our natural resources. Here, our environmental practices and conservation efforts are constantly shaped by guest feedback, and wholly dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of Barbados.

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Be a Green


It’s easy to be green at O2 Beach House Club & Spa, and the little things make a big difference, especially in our tropical island paradise. By embracing a few simple actions, our guests can play their part in promoting sustainability and protecting the island’s environment during their stay.

  • Reduce Energy Consumption:

    TURN OFF lights when you leave the room, air-conditioning when balcony doors are open, and electronics when not in use.

  • Save Water:

    TAKE SHORTER SHOWERS, reuse towels, and don't leave the tap running while brushing teeth or shaving.

  • Reduce Waste:

    USE REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES instead of disposable ones, avoid single-use plastics, and recycle whenever possible.

  • Support The Community:

    CHOOSE LOCAL restaurants and shops to support our island economy and reduce carbon emissions from transportation.

  • Eco-friendly Choices:

    Our hotels PRIORITISE THE ENVIRONMENT by recycling and using renewable energy sources and eco- friendly cleaning products.

  • Hiring A Vehicle?:

    RENT ELECTRIC CARS from several companies in Barbados. We have our own charging station at O2 Beach Club & Spa and there are many across the island.

a turtle swimming in the ocean

The Sea Turtle

and Reefs

Barbados is known for its beautiful reefs, which are an essential part of the island's marine ecosystem for protecting our famous white sand beaches. Along with the local tourism community, we encourage visitors to dive and snorkel responsibly, so that the health of the reefs is not compromised.

The island is also renowned for its sea turtle populations, particularly hawksbill and the endangered leatherback turtles, which play a vital role in the marine ecosystem. We are pleased to support the restoration of the turtle population alongside the Barbados Sea Turtle Project.

a monkey eating a fruit

Island Flora &


Guests should be respectful of the island’s vegetation and wildlife that contribute to our unique tropical ecosystem. Please avoid littering and use the many public bins provided by government programs.

We also ask guests to be kind to our animals, especially the Barbados green monkeys seen islandwide who are shy but mischievous creatures. Feeding wild animals, including monkeys, can have negative consequences as altering their natural diet disrupts the balance of their ecosystem and impacts population dynamics.  Also In Barbados, it is generally not advisable to take pictures of monkeys on a leash or to support such activities. Monkeys are wild animals that should not be restrained by leashes or kept as pets.