Something New And Ancient At Acqua Spa

Although quite new to the island of Barbados, the use of sound, music and special instruments played in therapeutic ways, has been used over centuries in Eastern cultures, combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and wellbeing.

Led by Hodari Akida - known on social media as @Bajan_Buddha - Acqua Spa's first monthly sunset Gong Ceremony & Sound Bath took place in August on Elements Deck, with crashing waves as background, and eight guests who participated with an open mind and enjoyed a brand new experience.

Bathed in the dramatic base vibrations of two beautiful gongs, interspersed with melodies played on seven gleaming white quartz 'singing bowls', our sunset-bathed deck was awash with raised vibrations, and one guest felt like she literally floated up to Brisa for dinner afterwards.

If you don't happen to be there for the Gong Ceremony, Acqua Spa offers other unique experiences that may be a first for you.

For example, have you ever considered how your body scrub is made?

Well, make sure to make time for the complimentary 'How To Make A Body Scrub' class which not only explains how, but lets every guest make their own customised version, and take home a pot of Acqua Spa's body scrub to remind them of their experience.

Throughout our treatment menu, guests will find unique island touches, and every treatment is customised to suit the client, so you can try something new with confidence in our professional therapists.

Like the Vagus Nerve Meditative Massage, created to activate the calming effects of the body's longest nerve via steaming aromatic compresses, gentle neck and body massage strokes, cranial holds to invite an uplifting, meditative state of consciousness. Essence of Juniper, Chamomile, Lavender and Jojoba work to mitigate feelings of stress, while stimulating positivity and wellbeing in the mind and body.

And last - but certainly not least - is the unique-to-Barbados Hammam Steam Room, where you'll enjoy applying OSEA seaweed-based skin products to your body, as billowing clouds of pore-rejuvenating steam envelope the intricately tiled, all-white room.

As you wrap up in cold towels and relax in the Tranquility Room, we're sure you'll want to explore the mysteries of Acqua Spa during your stay at O2 Beach Club & Spa.

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