Yes! Says Architect Michelle Leotaud

Michelle Leotaud of Apple + Iron specialises in boutique hotels that celebrate their location, each with their own distinct character - as does each Caribbean Island.

Working with clients to create a memorable experience, Michelle says "effective destination travel leaves everyday life behind and embarks upon new experiences that challenge, enrich, and add meaning – through history, nature, food, activities, and culture. We believe our designs are the foundation for these experiences upon which our clients service can stand firm."

We tend to agree, because Apple + Iron have been instrumental in recreating the style of two of Ocean Hotels Barbados' properties, Sea Breeze Beach House, and of course, O2 Beach Club & Spa, about which Michelle says:

"The design is modern Caribbean contemporary, the main concept was to incorporate the natural beauty that surrounds the hotel, and by extension the Caribbean.

"Working with nature and the elements by bringing together textures like deep charcoal stone, warm wood tones and gold metals all harmoniously embedded with the lush landscape not only sets a stage for elegance and luxury but greets the guest with the warm personality akin to the Barbadian culture."

At Sea Breeze Beach House, Michelle's designs built on the theme of "tropical modern, inspired by traditional Barbadian culture. Thanks to a neutral base palette and clean lines that exude charm through the introduction of colour, the rooms feel like a tropical chic beach house. "

"All the art we chose is local and plays an integral role in the design of the space; we tried as much as possible to use local artisans, labour and materials, and even repurposed a few mahogany trees that the new building displaced. In good design, nothing goes to waste!"

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